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Our Community Committees are always welcoming new members:
Social Commitee Members
Cindy Davis
Susan Knecht
Elyse Koch
Flo Natuszzi
Joan Romano
Patty O'Connell - Board liaison member
Landscaping Committee Members
Sandra Dichter
Lynne DeSoto and Patty O'Connell - Board liaison member
Architectural Committee Members
Joe Romano
Patty O'Connell  – Board Liaison Member
Community Involvement Committee
This is a new committee that help with unresolved disputes, suggestions, and ideas from the community.
Joan Romano
Elyse Koch
Debra Holst
Patty O'Connell - Board Liaison
Newsletter/Website Committee
Assist with our community newsletter and website
We are seeking members
Patty O'Connell , Lynne DeSoto  - Board Liaison